This quick 2 minute video by Eric Thomas about being resilient is a must watch. If you haven’t clicked “play” already then you’re going to want to do so RIGHT NOW!

I literally got goosebumps after listening to this powerful story about how Buster Douglas became the Heavy Weight Champion of the world back in 1990 after knocking out Mike Tyson himself.

Imagine life knocking you out like Mike Tyson did to Buster Douglas in the ring. Would you stay down in defeat or would you even dare to get back up and try to go for the win?

Buster Douglas Becomes Resilient
Buster Douglas Becomes Resilient

As you saw in the video, Buster Douglas was literally seconds away from losing the fight to Mike Tyson but his reason for winning was how he became resilient.

Two days before his fight in Tokyo with Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas lost his beloved mother. Prior to her death, she had announced that her son, would knock out Mike Tyson and WIN the heavyweight title. With his mother in mind, Buster Douglas grew resilient and kept fighting regardles of how hard he got hit by Tyson. Buster fought for his mother, and decided in his mind that he would win that find no matter what.

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Having won that fight with Mike Tyson, we learn a valuable lesson about resiliency. We learn that the way to stay resilient in life regardless of what you go through is to always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember your “WHY”.

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Take the time to know your “WHY” and understand the reason behind your ambition. What fuels you? What keeps you going? How do you overcome it all when it sometimes feels like it’s all overcoming you.

Whatever the reason, know that it needs to be stronger than all the challenges you will indefinately encounter throughout your lifetime. Life isn’t easy. That’s a given. But it isn’t impossible either. Stay resilient and remember that your “WHY” will help get you through all the tough times.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Want to see the full round of Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson?

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