Failure is Part of Success

Have you ever struggled so much that you felt like just giving up? We all have! It is what makes life an adventure.

Begin to understand that struggling is just part of the process. The struggle is what makes you appreciate the successes that much more!

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Regardless of the situation you are in, before you throw it all away by quitting, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. Remember Why You Started: The challenge isn’t always when you first start but when you are in the process of finishing. Life is full of all types of obstacles and struggles but at the end of the day, these are all challenges designed to help you gain more experience and endurance. Remembering why you started something is key to any given obstacle as it will give you the will power to overcome any challenge that comes your way. Whether it be your family, financial independence, job security or any other given reason, allow these reasons to become your drive in finishing through what you initially started. Trust me, it may not be easy, but it will surely be worth it.
  1. Winners Never Quit; Quitters Never Win: In order to succeed, you need to fail over and over again. Remember this: An expert was once an amateur. A professional athlete was once a rookie. A teacher was once a student. Never in your life will you hear of someone who made it by quitting. In order to get the results you want, you have to fight through the battles in order to win the war. There is nothing wrong in losing as long as you gave it your all, but realize that sometimes you have to lose in order to win. Practice makes perfect, errors make corrections, and lessons become life’s teachings. Just recognize that if you never quit, you will never lose, you’ll just become wiser and become better in the long run.
  1. Your Standards Will Start to Drop: Don’t let failure become an option in your life. If you are not progressing then you are staying complacent and by becoming complacent you tend to settle for less along the way. Your standards are lowered as are your expectations which believe it or not can take a costly toll in your life. Slowly but surely it can have negative effects on your self-esteem, work, finances, and even relationships. Start getting out of your comfort zone, set small goals for yourself, work your way up in and never stop growing. If you are happy where you are however, then by all means keep doing what you are doing just don’t complain when you aren’t seeing improvements.
  1. Rock Bottom is Your Starting Point: We’ve all experienced highs and lows in life but nothing compares to hitting an all-time low commonly referred to as Rock Bottom. When everything goes wrong and when emotionally you are drained to the point that you feel like giving up, just remember one thing. It doesn’t get worse than Rock Bottom. Once you’ve hit it, you can only go up from there. You can choose to stay at Rock Bottom or turns things around for the better. Let the struggle motivate you to do better because through every dark tunnel there is light at the end. You are probably going through tough times now but remember that the struggles are only temporary and the rewards are always permanent. Nothing in life worth having comes easy and if it does then it isn’t appreciated, so appreciate the struggle because the reward is coming your way.



Roberto Green Jr
Roberto Green Jr is an avid writer and aspiring author. His work has been featured on The Cover Magazine, Year Up Inc. and MAQTOOB for Entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Resume Starters where he has helped his clients' find jobs, transfer positions, earn promotions, and gain salary increases through his creative resume writing skills.