Mentors Are Role Models
Mentors Are Role Models

Mentors Will Cut Your Learning Curve In Half

For starters, a good mentor is positive role model. They are leaders who set a positive example to those who are less experienced.

It doesn't matter how old your mentor is because you're never too old to learn and never too young to teachClick To Tweet The best mentors help the development and personal growth of their mentee, and transform them into leaders by providing them proper guidance, resources, connections, and wisdom. Whether they are people you meet face-to-face, online, or even if you have never met them, mentors are available all over the world.

I’ve personally had all three. I’ve connected with mentors at work who were at a more senior level. I even managed to acquire mentors by reaching out to them online through Facebook, LinkedIn or via email. An effective, but disconnected method of receiving mentoring is by listening to CD programs, YouTube channels, podcasts, and reading books. Although, I didn’t meet my mentor, the shared knowledge is invaluable.

Some of my mentors in this last category include the late Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Joel Osteen, Peter Voogd and Eric Thomas to name a few.

My quick word of advice would be to write these names down or make it a point today to YouTube or Google these individuals one by one and listen to their powerful speeches weekly, if not daily every morning (like I do). You’ll be amazed at how they’re able to influence your mindset to shift into a more positive and optimistic mentality.

Mentors Will Help Guide You
Mentors Will Help Guide You

If you want to get ahead in life and cut the learning curve, then finding a mentor is key. You’ll receive a lot of great insight on several topics ranging from life, to a specific industry, focused topics, or even careers. In my opinion, you’re gaining first hand knowledge from someone who’s gone through all the trials and tribulations, and is willing to let you learn from them so you don’t have to learn the hard way (and trust me, in the beginning, it tends to happen a lot).

Nonetheless, these experienced individuals will increase your chances in becoming successful quicker as they aim to support your personal and/or professional growth. Take full advantage of those who want to lend you a helping hand because nowadays they are desperately needed.

You’d be surprised at how many people will be more than willing to become your mentor if you just….ask.



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