All Hands on Deck

They weren’t lying when they said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

So, how do you make the dream work? Simple, don’t be afraid to network or ask for help. Think about the last time you had to accomplish something you felt was either overwhelming, difficult or even impossible. Now, think about why you felt that way, chances are, it was simply a lack of resources. It could’ve been financial, physical, or intangible such as time or knowledge.  Regardless, that’s the point I’m getting at, you can’t always do it alone.  You need to assemble a team!  You need support from individuals who focus their time in that area in which you’re lacking.

For example, over the past few months my team and I have been developing ElevatedPost, hosting events, and constantly trying new things.  Each of us play a vital role in ensuring the success of this company, but that’s only because each of us playdownload to our strengths.  In addition, none of us fear asking for help, which by the way is the dream killer. We’re honest enough with ourselves to know that we need to rely on other folks outside of our team.  

When you’re able to channel your resources, you create limitless opportunities for yourself because it allows you to not only learn new skills, but meet new people as well.  That will further ensure the success you seek.  Disclaimer: you can’t trust everyone you meet, and you should definitely verify credibility prior to working with them.

While I’m sure you can learn anything you set your mind to, and yes, you have the power of Google and Youtube at your finger tips, but why not take it a step further?  Why not physically meet with someone and build rapport?  Why not collaborate and feed off each other’s energy, and leverage each other to gain exposure to a whole new audience?  

Teamwork is absolutely essential in this life, whether, it’s in business, sports or even a relationship. Your team should be a diverse and refined group, so don’t be afraid to bring new members on board! Besides, do you really want to go through the stress of juggling all the responsibilities? While you might have a strong skill set, you can’t always compete with a subject matter expert who’s dedicated their life to gaining that knowledge or experience.

Put your ego aside and admit your weaknesses because it’ll only make you stronger.  Too many people fail due to greed and selfishness because they don’t want to share the success.  Build your team and make your dream work!

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”Click To Tweet



Elliot is a Northeastern graduate and the editor for ElevatedPost. His mission is to help motivate, inspire and teach. His passion is driven by his desire to help others self-improve and realize their untapped potential so they may find success and prosperity.