Gain More Followers on Social Media

Social Media platforms as you know are key tools for marketing especially when it comes to attracting Millennials who consume social media on a daily basis. In regards to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in particular, here are 10 quick strategies on how
to gain more followers:

1. Host contests, giveaways, promotions and raffles online– to be considered they must:

  • Follow your page
  • Repost your content
  • Hash tag your business name
  • Tag 3-5 friends on your page

2. Offer incentives that appeal to your market target– i.e. sporting tickets if your business is related to sports, free books if you have a business related to education.

3. Share frequently but not excessively– post at least 2-3 times daily to stay consistent

 4. Add value for free– provide related education and information that will help your followers in one way or another

 5. Promote your social media on physical material– include your username in business cards, flyers, signs, banners and even car decals

 6. Engage– like and comment on your target audience’s profiles to show that you are engaged and a real person

 7. Quality over Quantity– use high quality photography and edit your posts before you post them publicly

 8. Ask questions in your posts– this is a great way to increase engagement and have your followers comment more

 9. Include your logo and username in your content– do so in order to gain recognition when your content gets reposted by other followers

 10. Share for Share by reaching out to influencers– ask individuals with a high following to repost your content to their relevant audience

Strategic social media marketing can be very time consuming and difficult to track especially on a daily basis. However, a great way to manage and analyze data on multiple social media platforms is with HootSuite. This software allows you to share and schedule posts on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn all in one application.



Roberto Green Jr
Roberto Green Jr is an avid writer and aspiring author. His work has been featured on The Cover Magazine, Year Up Inc. and MAQTOOB for Entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Resume Starters where he has helped his clients' find jobs, transfer positions, earn promotions, and gain salary increases through his creative resume writing skills.