Joseph Plans His 9-5 Escape
Joseph Plans His 9-5 Escape

Joseph Peña has been a dedicated contributor to ElevatedPost since Carlos and I decided to do a re-launch last year. He has served as a great asset to our team especially behind the scenes as he has helped develop and maintain the website as clean and clear cut as you see it today.

What I personally admire most about Joseph is his philosophical way of thinking and extreme focus. I remember speaking to Joseph when quitting his 9-5 to day trade full time in Florida was just a goal of his. Fast forward to current day and he made it happen. He was open enough to share with me his story and agreed to letting me share it with you guys. Here is Joseph’s story:

josephGrowing up from humble beginnings with a passion for learning, Joseph always had a special niche for math and science. He was awarded several times in high school as he excelled and advanced in his classes given his agility in learning. Cognizant about saving money, at the early ages of 12 years, Joseph managed to work his way up cleaning every Sunday for an Insurance Firm.

Although academically gifted and naturally productive, the young Joseph eventually pushed away his academics during his high school years as he was surrounded with negative influences. Raised in the heart of Dorchester, Massachusetts in the projects where at the time violence overwhelmed the streets as crime was at an all-time high, Joseph became acquainted with several gang members.

Throughout all the violence caused by gang rivalries and misleading paths, instinctively Joseph felt as though this type of lifestyle wasn’t for him. He had intuitively decided that he was different and managed to attend a community college in efforts to change his current lifestyle.

Still involved with negative influences and still surrounded by guns, drugs and violence it was only a matter of time until Joseph faced the harsh realities of the type of world he was living in.

07-29-17-RG-Shot CarAt the age of 19, Joseph’s whole life changed in the blink of an eye as he lost his cousin to gun violence. It wasn’t until that very day that Joseph decided to change his lifestyle completely.

After lagging in college for 4 years, Joseph managed to attain his Associates Degree in Network Administration along with multiple certifications including the A+, Network + and Apple Certificate.

Serving as a full-time Service Technician at a computer firm known as Micro Center in Cambridge, Joseph was motivated to work his way up. He later transitioned to working at a highly recognized university where he was a Technology Support Specialist.

Continuing with his strengths in mathematics, he also started investing money in the stock market after being convinced from a friend who attended Bentley University. Taking a financially trading course online and studying the art of trading, he eventually sold his motorcycle for $3K just to start investing in stocks.

Consistently donating 5% of his weekly income to Living On One, Joseph pays it forward by providing these funds to support the educational system for less fortunate children in Guatemala. Additionally he willingly gives his time to serve as a volunteer for a homeless shelter at the Pine Street Inn in Boston.

07-29-17-RG-TraderJoseph currently day trades futures full-time as he managed to reach his goal of quitting his 9-5 and moving to Florida earlier this year 2017. He plans to start trading options and foreign exchange in the near future as he continues to grow and excel in his day trading ventures. Joseph also invests in cryptocurrency and plans to start investing in real estate by the end of 2017 where he currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Having gone through the life experiences he went through, he advises others:

Whichever way you are raised, that is not how you have to live your life. You can mold your life the way you want. Adjust your thoughts to your own personality regardless of how you were raised. You need to find yourself first to become a better person. Every mind is a world.



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