Born and raised in Boston, MA, Roberto was brought up with great morals and principles by a very loving and protective family. Rebellious as he was however, during his teenage years, he was very heavily influenced by his peers in and out of high school.

hands of a prisoner on prison bars
hands of a prisoner on prison bars

The once honor roll student, became negligent in his studies, cut classes, stayed in detention after school, and got into more trouble than he could handle. Bailing his friends out of jail multiple times, getting into fights and surrounding himself with negative influences he found himself barely making it to his high school graduation.

Upon graduating, he managed to make his way into college. Although he was unfocused and lost as far as what degree he wanted to pursue. Two years down the line he made the decision to drop out and work full-time as his girlfriend at the time became pregnant.

Working three jobs, in a supermarket, a retail store, and delivering newspapers, he struggled to get by and was overwhelmed with the pressures of fatherhood. The struggles of being a father who couldn’t provide for his own family ignited his desire to become more. He decided to attend a financially focused intensive training program called Year Up where he went back to becoming an honor roll student. Earning his way into an internship at one of the largest financial institutions in the state, he worked his way into a full-time permanent position.

07-29-17-RG-DebtAble to finally move his family out of his parent’s house, he set off to renting out his own apartment in a multi-family home. Leasing out a brand new car and acquiring multiple credit card debt he soon came to learn the realities of paying bills. Mismanaging his finances, soon led him back to square one as he was forced to move back into his parent’s house due to  the outstanding debt and  with a daughter on the way.

Disappointed with the outcome of his poor financial decisions, he worked with a financial adviser to get his finances back in order. Simultaneously, as he reduced his debts he also continued to work hard and push himself at his job to increase his income. Living in what used to be his parents dining room converted to his family’s bedroom, drove him to seek new opportunities and challenge the status quo. Promoted twice in 3 years, he was soon able to pay all off all of his debts, move out and venture into new business endeavors to produce additional income.

By the age of 25, Roberto had already worked on building a clothing line, gained sales experience in a network marketing company, started a meal prep planning business, bought and sold a restaurant, and created a resume consulting service. Eager to fail his way to success he learned the ins and outs of small businesses and continues to learn from trial and error.

Currently, Roberto serves as a Compliance Reporting Services Associate for JP Morgan Chase & Co. and continues to help people find jobs with his resume consulting services called, Resume Starters. He continues to mentor young adults on his spare time and volunteers/donates on a regular basis.

He is, as you may already know, the co-founder of Elevated Post, which was created to help provide young adults with better life skills, financial literacy, and insight on becoming entrepreneurs.

07-29-17-RG-CryptoRoberto currently invests in Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, and is becoming involved with day trading futures. As an aspiring author, he is also in the process of finishing his first book titled “Choices” as a testimony of his life experiences to date so other young adults can learn to make better life choices.

His purpose is to help elevate the minds of others by raising their standards of living and motivating them to live life to their true potential.

The only limits we have in life are the ones we limit our minds to



Elliot is a Northeastern graduate and the editor for ElevatedPost. His mission is to help motivate, inspire and teach. His passion is driven by his desire to help others self-improve and realize their untapped potential so they may find success and prosperity.