Patience is a virtue.

How bad do you want to find success?

Do you want something so bad, that you wake up every morning and it’s all you can think about? You go about your day, and you still can’t stop thinking about it? I have a name for that – passion.

What you probably never thought about is, how you found your passion to begin with. Yes, you might of been inspired, but it’s the physical practice that I’m referring to.  Your subconscious mind drove you to become consistent patient.

If you can manage to pull through the rough patches and keep consistent, you will master your craft and continue to get ahead.  Just remember, you’ll be taking a lot of base hits before you hit that home run, and that’s where patience comes in. I’ll be honest, I myself sometimes question why I do what I’m doing, or what I’m actually pursuing, but then I think of the bigger picture and keep on pushing.

As you carry on, don’t worry about how long it takes, trust in the process and be patient. Do you really want to be someone who’s left wondering, what if? At the end of the day, slow progress is better than no progress.  And for those days in which you feel you made no progress, self-reflect and assess why.

You must be persistent in the pursuit of your goals. When you find yourself second guessing yourself, I want you to think back to all of the accomplishments you’ve made until that point, consider everything you’ve learned, and all the opportunities you’ve created.  Let that be the motivation that rekindles the fire inside you so that it fuels the passion and carries you forward.2286-bill-gates-quote-patience-is-a-key-element-of-success

Anything you want to do in this life whether it’s learning a skill, gaining or losing weight, becoming a star athlete, I don’t care, you need to put in the time and make the effort. You want success? You need to remain disciplined, focused, driven, motivated, and especially consistent and patient!  I encourage you to do what you love and follow your passion.  

Your dreams will come true!



Elliot is a Northeastern graduate and the editor for ElevatedPost. His mission is to help motivate, inspire and teach. His passion is driven by his desire to help others self-improve and realize their untapped potential so they may find success and prosperity.