Never Lose Sight

In a world with so much variety and so many options, why are we programmed to believe that there are only a few options that are deemed as the right decisions? Why does society treat us like sheep and borderline forces us to create our future right out of high school?

From the moment we’re born, we’re natural explorers looking for answers and to learn from the environment around us. Yet, we somehow develop tunnel vision and lose sight of that as we get older.

We conform because of our subconscious thoughts. People with our “best” interest in mind influence our decisions with their fear and opinions and now is the time to break out of that mentality. Now is the time to take complete control of your life and block out all the noise. It’s time to say, “fuck it” and start exploring again.

Think about the feeling you get when you have to go somewhere you don’t want to. You probably find excuses not to go, you show up late, or you might even “forget” to go.

Now think of the feeling you get when you’re super excited to be somewhere. You probably pre-plan your entire day, you make sure you arrive on time, and you might even put in the extra effort to make sure you’re looking good.


This is what happens when you’re genuinely passionate about something. We’re not telling you to quit everything you’re doing, but we want you to go chase what you truly love and believe in. If your time is limited, work a little at a time, but through passion you will find your purpose.

Your brain is programmed to survive so don’t be afraid to fail. Failure will allow you to learn, grow and continue evolving. NEVER give up on yourself, or your dreams!



VIALisa Chang
Elliot is a Northeastern graduate and the editor for ElevatedPost. His mission is to help motivate, inspire and teach. His passion is driven by his desire to help others self-improve and realize their untapped potential so they may find success and prosperity.